How To Earn Real Money By Playing Online Cash Games?

How To Earn Real Money By Playing Online Cash Games?

This is the most common of the question raised by many individuals.
Generally, Playing online games improve focus and hugely reduce stress. It is not just the passion that drives people to get pinned towards playing online games, it is also a root of entertainment and non-stop fun. Most of the online games are now starring as real money earning games too. From those of most online games, there is an amazing game called Ludoskill that offers large prizes on a daily and weekly basis where the real cash prize can run into lakhs. Ludoskill is one of the best game offers cash rewards in many different forms, making the player earn cash as he plays along.

Let us now see in detail about the Ludoskill that helps in winning real money.

Game Genre: Board Game

LudoSkill is an Indian Online Ludo Game To Win Real Cash In Rewards
You can download the Ludoskill app for free on our website ( and register to play right away. You can start playing with a minimum amount of Rs. 25.

The amount that you can win depends on the variation you play—that includes Ludo coins. You can withdraw this amount anywhere, anytime as you need.

What is Ludoskill?
It’s a place where you can play Ludo skill with your family and friends. It is a game that you have been playing with families and friends since childhood. You can choose a random booster and choice booster which will make your way easy. By playing online Ludoskill. you may earn more than expected, which you would not get in any other platform.

Step 1- Click on the user icon to register
Step 2- Enter you all details and click on the register
Step 3- Select the bank which you have an account and press the play button
Step 4- Fill out your bank card information and then click on pay now
Step 5- You will get the OTP password entered on the mobile number registered with Paytm and click on make payment
Step 6- Payment successful, Now you can play By referring the below link

Requires Skill
A. Tactics: You need to strategies your game plan as and when required. Think and plan the best possible move. Spend your moves on all tokens as concentrating on only one token may not help in planning the best game.

B. Observation skills: You will have need of good observation skills to play this game Perfectly. Focus on all your tokens along with the opponents’ tokens. Understand the opponent`s gameplay and accordingly plan your moves.

C. Analytical thinking: Analyze the game and You have to be confident to advance to the finishing point at a faster pace by safeguarding your tokens along with blocking opponents moves.

D. Decision Making: Good decision-making skills are required at each step because one wrong decision may impact your whole game plan, thereby making you lose the game.

E. Mathematical analyzing: Calculate each move diligently before you move a token. Sometimes it is better to safeguard a token than end up getting killed by opponent’s token while rushing to reach the finishing point. Just think before you act.

F. Counting.

G. Probability: The more you play the game, the better are the chances of you winning the game. So play more and earn more on LudoSkill.

To make the game more interesting, we have added the tournament at the same time. if you are more exciting to know about tournaments you can check it out here

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Copyright ©2020 Dragonfleet Games Private Limited...All rights reserved.