Online Cash games in India: Rising to a New Pinnacle

Online Cash games in India: Rising to a New Pinnacle

The Indian digital gaming industry is rising rapidly, the reports suggest that India`s online mobile games market will be worth $ 1.1 billion by the end of 2020, and with a user base of more than 628 million gamers.

The main key operators for market growth -

• India is a young country with about half of its population under the age of 25.
• Availability of smartphones at a low cost. Mobile users are expected to reach the 859 million mark by 2022.
• Internet invasion is expected to reach about 53% by the end of 2021.
• 83% of online gamers in India are males and only 14% are females.
• 88% use mobile phones to play online games.

Mobile-based online gaming platform, Paytm Cash Games, saw an increasingly large amount of members in its userbase in 2020. Online regional games like Ludo saw a growth of four to five times more.
More than traditional ludo, online ludo money games are becoming more popular now. The new trending application in the market is ludoskill. It is a popular online ludo Paytm cash game where users can play against real players across India and earn unlimited real Paytm cash else can easily transfer the amount into their bank account. Ludoskill gives the best gaming experience to its players and has a fair play policy with secured guidelines and highly secured payment gateways.

What makes all of this even more exciting is it’s advance graphics and boosters available in it. Use boosters to make your gaming experience more thrill . You can go Ludoskill website, download the trending ludo application to win exciting ludo Paytm cash prizes. You will get 25rs sign up bonus and 150rs refer and earn a bonus by which you can easily play the game and start earning. Tournaments in-game is a more exciting feature which is coming soon.

Ludoskill not only let you earn cash even it improves your decision-making skills and analytical thinking . This game is packed full of advantages in it. So you just need to install it and grab them.

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Copyright ©2020 Dragonfleet Games Private Limited...All rights reserved.