Ludo Players. Ludo is a game which is played moreover online rather than being played offline in the traditional way. The major reason for this shift is the availability of various applications and websites online to play the traditional Royal game of pachisi in our modern style. Ludo is a game which is mostly played when people want to kill time. Ludo skill is the game which not only gives you the chance to become a Ludo champ within your circle but also gives you the opportunity to win real cash through playing and winning the game. The whole game when shifted online becomes a tale of skill and luck both together.

The process of playing the game is really easy, after downloading the application we need to click on our user icon. Thereafter we need to register ourselves through Facebook or normal registration by mobile number. After this process you will get 25rs sign up bonus and add some money into the application which will further help us to play the game. Playing ludo skill online is the combination of tactics, observation skills, analytical thinking, decision making, mathematical analyzing, counting and probability. Ludo skill not only makes us a Ludo Superstar but it also brushes up or mathematical and analyzing skills as well.

Ludo skill may sound as an ordinary ludo game but being a game involved with real money, we have tried our level best to make it fair and keep our user’s security first and foremost on our priority list. We also provide 12*7 chat support to help with your queries anytime that you prefer. The way we can easily put in the coins or actual money similarly we can easily withdraw our money at any time that we want from our wallet. Once we win the game the money is deposited directly into our bank account. By now all the fellow readers would want to participate in this ludo premier league and become the Ludo champions of Ludo skill.

As mentioned earlier this ludo game does not only give the players a chance of earning real money but it gives all the players a fair chance at the game as well and that too from the first move. Ludo skill has this GAME TOSS concept wherein all the players get a chance to roll the dice first and the player with the highest number on the dice gets to roll first and so on.

1. RANDOM BOOSTER is another concept implemented in ludo skill after the game toss dice is rolled the system randomly rolls the dice once and the number at that time is applicable to all the players, this random number can be used as a random booster by all the players whenever they want to in the game.

2. CHOICE BOOSTER is another one of the innovative concepts introduced in Ludo Skill every player gets to choose a number before the game starts and the player can then use that number at any point in the game to boost their token accordingly. Ludo skill is the ultimate game to win money out of boredom. The people interested in playing the game have fun but the people bored of their daily chores can also download the app easily put in some money and start earning by playing the easy game of ludo. We have seen people playing RUMMY online and winning money and now the same can be done by playing LUDO with ludo skill and becoming a Ludo superstar. All that needs to be done to start this ludo party is to install the application or play this game on your android smartphones and let the LUDO fever begin.

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Copyright ©2020 Dragonfleet Games Private Limited...All rights reserved.


Copyright ©2020 Dragonfleet Games Private Limited...All rights reserved.